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Amazing sizes A high quality photo book for every occasion

A4 photo books

A4 photo books

A5 photo books

A5 photo books

Square  photo book

Square photo book

Within 4 easy steps you’ll be ready We generate your photo book. You give it a personal touch!


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Automatic image selection We select your best photos so you have to do less work

ReSnap helps you pick the best photos and filter out the similar ones.

We create the first 80% of your photo book and the last 20% you easily personalise yourself.

The images are selected by analyzing all the images step by step. For instance, we filter out photos by looking at several quality aspects (like blurriness). Our system also automatically looks at the amount of faces and the micro expressions of the faces. Of course we filter out similar photos by looking at the pixels.

After this part our deep learning network will look at correlations the pictures in your uploaded photo set. In this way we analyse what kind of picture you would like to have in your photo book. So basically, we try to predict the selection of images you would make. This algorithm is continuously updated and improved, and will be getting better and better in the future. So keep supporting us!

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