Cookie Policy

Albelli B.V., having its office address at Stationsplein 53-57, 1012 AB Amsterdam, acting under the name Resnap (“Resnap” or “we”), respects the privacy of the visitors and users of its website www. (“Website”), the mobile applications (“App(s)”) and its editors such as the smart photo book editor (“Editor(s)”), as well as the privacy of its customers who through our Website or App(s) place an order. This Policy describes which information we collect during the use of our Website, Editor(s) or App(s) and from you as our customer, and how we further use and protect this information.


This Cookie Policy applies to every Website visit, transaction and every agreement that is concluded through our Website or App(s). All the information, including your personal data, that we gather about you during your visit and/or use of our Website, Editor(s) or App(s) will be handled in accordance with this Policy and the purposes as described herein. This Cookie Policy does not apply to any websites of other companies who link to our Website or App(s) or to those we link to from our Website.

Data that we collect

Resnap enables you to create online personalized photo products such as a photo book and have your order delivered to the address of your choice. We can collect your data within the context of our services in two ways:

Data as provided by you

ReSnap collects data that is provided by you such as your email address and password when you register yourself as a new customer and create an account. When you request to have your Resnap account connected to a profile on a Social Network, you will be informed of which information we will collect from the network in question before your request is executed. We furthermore collect your order data such as your name, (delivery and invoice) address, telephone number and payment details (and, in the event the order is delivered to someone else, the name and address of the recipient), together with the files such as the photos that are uploaded by you and/or used in or on our products. Your email address will be used to send you the order confirmation. Also by participating in one of our contests or when you give your opinion, for example by writing a review about a product, personal data is collected. In addition to the creation of an account, we can also collect your email address separately through our Website when you sign up for our newsletter.

Data that we automatically collect from you

Resnap collects data that we receive based on your use of our services such as the photo book editor, your visit to our Website, the use of our App(s) and possibly other websites which are accessible from our Website. We collect your IP address and the type of browser you use, but also the date and time of your visit or use and in which way you make use of our Website, Editor(s) or App(s).

How do we further use your data?

Your data can be used for the following purposes:

Acceptance, processing and fulfilment of your order

Your data is used to process, fulfil, produce and deliver your order at the address of your choice. With your data we will also keep you updated about the progress of your order. We pass on your data to other companies who on assignment by us provide certain services. Examples of those companies are: an affiliated company of Resnap within Albelli group or a third party that we engage to produce your order; a shipping carrier to deliver your order; online payment providers such as WorldPay or PayPal in order to process your (credit card) payment; service providers in order to be able to send out our emails or other type of customer communication; marketing analytical companies to analyze our data or remove duplicate data from our database; and the provision of our Customer Service.

Managing your account

You are able to create your own account on our Website or through our App(s). In your account we store, inter alia, your name, (delivery and invoice) address, telephone number and your email address. We also store information regarding any previous orders that you placed, so that you are able to faster find your products and review, share or reorder them.

Direct marketing, co-branded offers and sending newsletters

We can use your data for direct marketing purposes by sending you commercial information or an offer concerning our products and services by way of e-mail, direct mail, telephone (including SMS and push notifications) or any other medium. Such information or offers can also be put together in a ´co-branded´ manner when we cooperate with a partner or an affiliated company and in that case will include products or services of this third party.

You can sign up for our newsletter which is sent by email or direct mail. This way you will be kept up to date about special offers and our new or complementary products and services. If you no longer wish to receive our commercial information like our newsletter, you can always let us know by contacting our Customer Service. If it concerns our commercial emails, you can use the opt-out link that is included at the bottom of the email.

Reviews and comments

We like to hear about your experiences with our Website, Editor(s), App(s) and of course, our products.

For reviews about our brand, service or a product we make use of third parties, like TrustPilot. If you wish to write a review about a Resnap product, TrustPilot gathers your personal data. To see which personal data is being collected and how they handle that data you can take a look at

In the event you give us a review, for example via a third party like TrustPilot, through Social Media or our Customer Service, we can use such a review (or any part thereof) for any purpose, provided that we will not use your review in combination with your name or any other personal data. We shall solely use your review (or any part thereof) together with your name (and other personal data) as provided by you to us, after obtaining your prior and explicit consent.

Promotional contests and prize draws

If you participate in a promotional contest or prize draw, we will ask you for your name, telephone number or email address and, possibly, you will share with us other material like your photos. With this data we can run the promotional contest or prize draw, inform the prize winner(s) that they have won and, after we have received their prior consent, by way of our Website, newsletter and/or Social Media make the names of the prize winner(s) public.

Maintenance, statistical analysis and improvement of our services

We continuously strive to improve our services. We use for this purpose analytical software provided by third parties such as Adobe Analytics (as part of the Omniture services) and Google Analytics. With this analytical software we place cookies to register visitor data in general and to receive reports about how our services are used. In this context we register through the Website, the Editor(s) and the App(s) data like the IP-address of your computer, the data and time of your visit or use, your browser, which products you have viewed, created and which functionalities from the Editor in this respect you applied.

In addition we can use your data in order to ask you to participate in a voluntary customer or market research. Sometimes other companies carry out this research on assignment by us. We shall in that case give such companies your email address or telephone number, who shall, naturally, also comply with this Cookie Policy.


We use our customer data to investigate, prevent and take action against fraud. In the event we are requested to pass on customer data in order to comply with a legal obligation thereto, for example as a part of a criminal investigation, we shall comply with such a request and transfer the requested data to the respective authority or fraud detection agency.

Improvement of our Customer Service

In order to be able to help you out quickly with any questions, our Customer Service uses your data such as your name and order number. Our Customer Service may take notes during the conversation to register why you contacted us and which solution we provided. Such data in relation to our Customer Service is also stored by us. This is useful if you would contact us another time. If you contact our Customer Service by telephone, email or live chat, we may also record and store the conversation itself for quality monitoring and training purposes. This way, you help us with the analysis and improvement of our Customer Service.

Resnap is a part of Albelli B.V., and can also engage its affiliated companies within the Albelli group for the purposes as set out above, during which your personal data as a part of your data, can be processed. These affiliated companies but also our cooperating partners and service providers or any other type of sub(processors) that they on their part may engage, can be seated in countries outside the European Union and your data therefore can also be transferred to countries outside the European Union. If there is a transfer to a country that is viewed not to have an adequate level of protection, Resnap shall solely transfer the data in the event the recipient agrees to comply with the EU standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data as included in the Commission Decision of 5 February 2010 (2010/87/EC) or, if the company is seated in the United States, it applies the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield regime. We furthermore store your data in accordance with the applicable legal retention terms.

Transfer to third parties

We only provide your data to a third party as set out above. This shall solely happen for purposes as described in this Policy or in ways that are compatible with these purposes. Our employees and engaged third parties are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data and to adhere to the content of this Policy. In addition to the foregoing, Resnap shall solely give your personal data to any third parties if we have received thereto your prior consent, a legal obligation applies, or in the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganisation or similar event.

The protection of your data

Resnap handles your data, of which personal data can be a part of, very carefully. We have implemented various technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss or unauthorized use.
Every photo book or other photo product, including all the images, photos or other type of uploaded content saved therein, is protected by your unique email address and password. Other users cannot see the products you have created and the content saved therein without being in possession of these two pieces of data. We therefore recommend that you choose your password carefully and not share it with other people.


Cookies are small data files that are sent online through your browser together with the pages of our Website or online Editor(s) and are stored on your computer, tablet, phone or other device. In case of our downloadable App(s) and Editor(s), the cookie file is part of the software that you download and install on your computer. We use cookies to optimize your user experience while visiting or using our services by way of our Website, Editor(s) or App(s). The cookies ensure that our Website recognises your browser, preferences and history on your next visit. Additionally, we can use cookies to show you relevant information, receive reports about how visitors or users make use of our services through the Website, Editor(s) and App(s) and to make it possible to integrate with the Social Media networks.

Resnap uses the following types of cookies:

Functional cookies: these cookies are necessary in order to visit our Website or App(s) and use our services. These cookies are intended to facilitate the use of our Website or App(s) and therefore store your personal settings, items added to your basket and whether a particular message has already been shown to you in order to prevent that you will see it again.

Analytic cookies: these cookies register the use of our Website, Editor(s) or App(s) using Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. These statistics give us insight into, among other things, how often our Website is visited and which parts of our Website or App(s) our users find the most interesting, which products you have looked at and created and which functionalities from the Editor in this respect you applied. This data is used for statistical analysis of visitor, user and click behavior. We do this in order to continually improve our Website, Editor(s) and App(s) and to make their use as user-friendly as possible.

Tracking cookies: these cookies are used to gather data about your browsing behavior. These allow us to provide you with adverts which are more relevant to you and more related to your interests. They are used, for example, to limit the number of times you see an advert and also to measure the effectiveness of our digital advertising campaigns. They are posted our behalf of Resnap, and with Resnap’s consent, by third-party advertising networks.

Social Media cookies and other third party cookies: when you use our Website, content can be offered to you by companies other than Resnap. These companies can also put cookies on your computer. Also, if you share certain Resnap content using Social Media networks like Facebook or Twitter, these third parties can then also place cookies on your computer. It is important to note that we have no access to, or control over, cookies chosen by third parties. We suggest you consult the websites of these third parties for more information about their cookies and how you can manage them.

The aforementioned cookies will only be used by us and any data collected through them shall not be shared with third parties except if such is necessary in the case of a purpose as included above and in accordance with this Cookie Policy. The cookies that are placed on your computer through your browser can be deleted if you wish to. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can change your browser settings if you no longer wish to allow this. You can find more information under “Help” in your browser. Although you will still be able to visit our Website, it is possible that if cookies are not accepted, certain services or site elements will not function optimally.

Your rights (access, correction and objection)

Pursuant to the Dutch Data Protection Act you can request access to your personal data. Besides access, you may also request us to correct or complement your data in the event you have noticed any mistakes or you wish to for another reason. The same applies in the event you wish us to remove or shield your personal data in the event your data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, or in any way processed in violation of a legal provision. Such requests for access, correction or objection can be directed to our Customer Service.

Applicable law and disputes

This Cookie Policy and your use of our Website, Editor(s) and App(s) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands. Any dispute that may arise in relation to this Cookie Policy and our services shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the competent courts of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Amendments and questions

We shall publish each updated version on this page so that you are always up to date regarding the data we collect, how this data is used and protected and the circumstances under which we disclose it.

If you have any questions about your data, our Cookie Policy or its applicability, you can always contact our Customer Service. You can do this by email at or by letter to the address Postbus 16545, 2500 BM, Den Haag, the Netherlands.