An intelligent automated photo solution

1) Effortless photo book editor

Use the easiest and smartest photo book editor there is. Offer your customers an effortless photo book solution and monetize the customers who don’t want to spend time creating the most beautiful photo products.

  • Every print facility can be connected
  • Fully HTML5 responsive
  • Customizable white label solution
  • Super fast editor

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2) Emotional value API

Detect real emotional value of an image. Object classification isn’t enough. This API predicts the human likeliness of an image. Our emotional API will tell you the story behind an image. Implement the API easily and recognize the values of your customers.

  • Quality detection
  • Similarity filter
  • Semantic and visual properties
  • Image selection

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Artificial intelligence

ReSnap develops the world’s best image recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to create the smartest photo analysis and selection tool around. Our technology is a combination of state-of-the-art photo filters and machine learning techniques.

Effortless solution

Offer your customers an online effortless photo book tool, which makes it possible to create photo books fully automated. Afterwards a customer can personalize the photo book in the way they want it to have.