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General Terms and Conditions

Order acceptance

Orders are only accepted and processed in accordance with the following conditions. By making use of the Resnap software the customer implicitly accepts these conditions. After the order has been processed the file provided by the customer is saved on the Resnap server. This is done to make it possible for the customer to order additional copies of the album at a later time.


The customer is responsible for the content of the provided file. Resnap accepts no liability for the content of the file. Resnap assumes that the customer holds the copyright for the file. The customer is exclusively responsible for any consequences of the illegal use of protected data. In addition, the customer must strictly comply with the legal regulations of the concerned country when placing the order and distributing the printed material.


In no case does Resnap accept any liability for damage or loss of the files. Resnap explicitly states that the quality of the prints in the photo books that are ordered can never exceed that which can be expected based on what the customer sees on the computer screen when using the Resnap photo book editor. Resnap’s liability remains limited to avoidable production errors.

Delivery time

All orders will be produced within seven (7) working days of receipt of the payment. Under no circumstances may any delays in delivery times justify cancellation of the order or any right to compensation.

Please note that orders placed during the Christmas period do not follow our regular delivery times. Thank you for your understanding.


If for any reason you’re not completely happy with your order, please get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to make it right. Please contact us at within 14 days of receiving your photo book. Based on your situation, we will either reprint your photo book or if necessary, offer you a full refund.

Resnap is a part of albelli B.V.

Stationsplein 53-57

1012 AB Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce number: 69103437

VAT number: NL.8577.35.524.B01

Online Dispute Resolution

If you have a problem with something you bought from us, please contact us. If we can’t resolve the issue, you can contact the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution Platform.